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We are Young & Moore Publishing Ltd.

Young & Moore Publishing Ltd. headquarters located on the Marshall Islands with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bucarest, Paris, Mailand and Moscow, is a startup in online-publishing and runs several websites all over the world. Finance, Fitness and diet, as well as healthiness for humans and animals, and more are our core disciplines. About 5 million readers use our free content monthly.

Our mission

Explaining difficult matters in a fun and easy way. We are convinced that nowadays nobody wants to waste time reading long and tiring articles. This is why we cherish easy-to-comprehend content that also satisfies our quality requirements.


Everything from one place – reaching from research to new projects to planning of content to marketing – Young & Moore Publishing Ltd. acts 100% autonomously!

Limitless collaboration

We have a close teamwork with our journalists, doctors, experts, developers and marketing-specialists at eye level.

Continuous development & innovation

We can keep up with the rapid pace of digital innovation while ensuring optimal performance and a high technological standard.

Always up to date

We understand the needs of the media industry. These are constantly evolving, so it is important that we can adapt to individual strategy.

Our publishing solution

We know the answers to the questions of our time!


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Economist. Agency owner.

Hi, my name is Roland and I have been a publisher for over 30 years. However, my dream has always been to be a successful boss myself. I got this with Young & Moore Publishing Ltd. now fulfilled.


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